Event Management

The process of organising and coordinating a marquee event can appear to be at times a complicated undertaking with all the various paraphernalia to look into and order. Heating, generators, exterior and interior lighting, loos, furniture, marquees, insurance, PA systems, table plans, table decorations, florists, caterers, venues etc, etc.

Providing a Complete Service

Let us undertake the organisation for you as part of the service at no additional charge and allow you to concentrate on other elements of your event. This is part of our goal to provide our clients with as complete a service as possible allowing them the freedom to enjoy not only the event but the time leading up to it without the stress of worrying about whether various things will arrive on time and if they have remembered to order this or remembered to change that.

Maintaining a Flexible Approach

As discussions about your marquee develop we would undertake to shoulder the responsibility of organising the entire venue and overseeing that all arrives and is removed on time. A clear list would be made from the start so as to assure you exactly what we are responsible for dealing with. Alternatively if you wanted to deal with certain aspects yourself that would not present a problem.

A Large Inventory of Accessories

We have a large stock of various accessories and items that you need for most events and if we do not have something you need we are happy to organise it for you. If you are looking for anything from water features and chocolate fountains to  imitation Roman Columns or giant sofas we can source it for you.