Our Marquees

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Our marquees are of modular design and have an elegant classical profile that will complement all settings. They are clean, white and fresh-looking with the flexibility to fit into many sites, where many other marquees may not, due to their advanced lightweight and durable frames.

Flexible Marquee Hire Solutions

Marquees can be adapted in size to fit almost all sites and venues. In courtyards, round corners, adjoining onto buildings and can even be lifted into sites where assembly may be difficult. This allows the incorporation of elements of the surroundings within the marquee itself. For example, water features, garden sculptures, balustrades, walls or patios, flowerbeds, bushes or small trees.

Clear Sided Marquee Hire

Part of the beauty of having a marquee in Scotland or in the UK is to be able to enjoy the surroundings, whilst having protection from the weather. That is why we stock a large quantity of windows and clear sides, not only to let in as much natural light as possible, but also to allow you to take advantage of the setting and admire the views of the garden, local landscape or architecture whilst in the marquee.

Heated Marquees

Should the weather be glorious, the marquees’ simple design allows for sides to be removed or folded back in sections quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the marquee more as a cover, than an enclosure. Alternatively, should the temperature drop we use the latest in high-tech heating systems, which are thermostatically activated allowing you to enjoy your marquee regardless of the weather, any time of the year.

Low Impact Marquees

Due to the lightweight nature of our frames no heavy machinery is needed in assembly or dismantling of our marquees. We have a joisted floorboard system therefore keeping damage to your site to an absolute minimum.

Marquee Hire Gallery

Here are just a small selection of the marquee configurations we can supply.